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Official website of Mr.Amaresh Rajaratnam. A Yogi, Businessman, Tech Geek, Song Writer, Composer and Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Currently living in New York, United States. 

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The New Normal Is Magical
Amaresh Rajaratnam (The Creators)

The New Normal Is Magical

Released a new song for COVID-19 on 19-05-2020
Music by: Amaresh Rajaratnam.

About Song

During lockdown days everyone are eagerly waiting when will this come to an end. The reality is that we have to accept the new normal. That means we have to accept our current situation. We have to learn to survive this pandemic. Only way to do that is to use this situation as an opportunity to understand ourselves in deep sense. To be grateful for what we have already, and take time to spend time with our family, engage ourselves in things we love, this will expand our imagination and creativity. Accepting the new normal, will make it magical!

You can download the song at